Traditional Needles

Baker needles are undoubtedly among the best tattoo needles available on the market.

Combining the highest quality, impeccable welds and extremely strong steel, Baker tattoo needles do not lose their sharpness easily and will stay in perfect condition considerably longer than 90% of tattoo needles.

Many renowned artists work exclusively with Baker needles, for their unrivaled quality and reliability. Don't wait any longer and try the needles used by the best professionals in the trade now!

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The diameter of your tattoo needle is a measurement of the thickest point of the needle.

The diameter of a tattoo needle affects its ink flow. Thus, the narrower the diameter of the needle, the finer and more controlled the flow of ink that comes out of it. Therefore, narrower tattoo needles have a finer flow of ink and are generally better for line work. On the other hand, larger diameter tattoo needles have a freer flow of ink, so you may prefer them for shading or color.

Aside from ink flow, the diameter of your tattoo needle also affects the size of the puncture made in your client's skin. Small diameter punctures are better for shading and creating smooth gradients, while larger punctures are generally better for more daring work. #12 needles, which have a diameter of 0.35 mm, are often called "standard". This is because they are very popular across all needle groups and types. In total, five diameters are available.

0.30mm (#10)

0.35mm (#12)


You've probably heard of bugpin needles. Some artists swear by them for their photorealistic work.

Bugpin needles are extremely narrow. Needles size #10 and smaller are all considered bugpin needles. Due to their ultra-narrow diameter, they allow you to execute lines and shadows with precision and accuracy. Bugpin needles are also ideal for pixel and small dot tattooing.


The number of needles in a group refers to the number of needles. The higher your needle count, the larger your grouping will be. Therefore, the number of needles directly influences the space you cover during a tattoo session.


Tattoo needles come in all sorts of arrangements.

Your needle configuration or type refers to the arrangement of the needles on the needle bar. Different needle arrangements produce very different effects on your client's skin. So, choosing your needle type is essential when working in a particular style.