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Stencil Paper

Stencils, transfers and tattoo accessories

Although some tattoo artists are freehand practitioners, most tattoo artists use Stencil. Far from being a crutch for inexperienced artists, Tattoo Stencils are a useful tool for ensuring consistency, precision and predictability, particularly when it comes to using tattoo flash art. Tattoo stencils help artists and clients plan and understand the basic elements of any tattoo design, including size, line thickness, shading and general details. This is especially useful for customers who want a specific design, as all

the image transfers well to the skin. Tattoo stencils allow artists to make practical changes and have them approved by the client before making them permanent.

How to use tattoo stencils

To create a tattoo stencil, the artist first draws or traces an image on tattoo stencil paper, which consists of special layers that replicate the image drawn on it. Once you have drawn or traced the design on top of the stencil paper, you will have a replica of the design on a lower layer which can then be transferred to the skin using stencil solution. Only a small amount of stencil solution is needed to transfer the image. Once the design is transferred to the client's skin, you can resolve any size, location, or detail issues and obtain final approval from the client. All that remains is to simply tattoo the outline of the stencil.

Instead of drawing by hand on stencil paper, some tattoo artists use thermal tattoo printers to create their tattoo stencils. It's much faster if you're working primarily from tattoo flash art or otherwise tattoo-ready images. Using special thermal transfer paper and image media, thermal printers quickly create exact stencil replicas of any design you feed them. The transfer and inking process is the same whether you use freehand or thermal stencils.

Types of Tattoo Stencils Accessories

We also offer a variety of tattoo stencil accessories such as skin markers, stencil eraser pens etc.If you want to have a reputation for creating great tattoos, knowing how to create and transfer a Stencil is essential, as is having the right tattoo stencil supplies. If you are still new to creating and using tattoo stencils, don't get discouraged if you don't draw or transfer the stencil perfectly at first. Keep learning from experienced professionals and soon, stencils will become second nature to you too. Whether you've perfected your favorite method of stencil making or are still experimenting, Baker Tattoo Supply has all the tattoo stencil supplies you need. You don't know which cream to choose? It's just a matter of taste. Opinions are like assholes, we all have one.