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Dressing and Aftercare

Once the work is finished, the tattoo artist cleans the tattoo and places a bandage on it.

After-tattoo care is essential for the proper healing of a tattoo. It is therefore essential for any tattoo studio to have the best products available. Baker Tattoo Supply also stocks Hustle butter Recovery and Ink-Eeze products to help your customers properly care for their new works of art, so they can then proudly display their fully healed tattoos.

We also offer a range of hygiene and cleaning products so you can ensure everything is sterile and hygienic in your studio. Browse our range of cleaning products, disinfectants and antibacterial products to ensure your studio meets the highest standards, and use our tattoo equipment covers, aprons, drop cloths and needle bins to work in a clean environment. perfectly meets the hygiene and health standards of tattooing.