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Baker Perfect Electric Liner

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Baker Perfect Electric

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**Baker Perfect Electric: A Work of Art in Damascus Steel**

Immerse yourself in the exceptional with the Baker Perfect Electric, a unique piece of damascus steel, hand forged to transcend norms. Based on the classic frame by Milton Zeis (1901-1972), this tattoo machine embodies the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

 **Damascus Forced by Hand:**

Each Baker Perfect Electric is a work of art in itself, with hand-forged damask, creating a unique and stunning pattern.

**Classic Zeis inspiration:**

Based on the classic Milton Zeis frame, this tattoo machine pays homage to the tattoo master's legacy, incorporating his timeless principles into a modern design.

**Fast Liner, Light Weight:**

The Baker Perfect Electric is built for performance, with a fast liner and light weight, providing exceptional maneuverability without compromising on precision.

**Hand Wound Coils:**

Every detail counts, which is why the bobbins on this machine are wound by hand, ensuring artisan quality and superior reliability.

**Built to Last:**

The Baker Perfect Electric is not just a tattoo machine, it's an investment in the future. Built to last, it is the ideal companion for every demanding tattoo artist.Explore new artistic possibilities with the Baker Perfect Electric, a perfect fusion of classic aesthetics and modern performance. Be part of the tattoo elite with this exceptional tattoo machine.

compatible with all Baker Needles and Baker Tubes

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