• Round Liner Serree / Bugpin

Round Liner Tattoo Needles - Tight / Bugpin .30

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Needles for Lining.

Sterile pre-welded mounted on bar for tattooing. CE certified

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**Baker Tattoo Needles: The Undisputed best on the Market**

Baker needles are undoubtedly the best on the tattoo market. Fusing the highest quality, impeccable welds, and exceptionally strong steel, these needles maintain their sharpness long-lasting, far outperforming 90% of alternatives on the market.

**Exceptional Features:**

**Unparalleled Quality:**

Baker needles are synonymous with excellence. Their superior quality results from precise welds and durable steel that guarantee consistent performance.

**Exceptional longevity:**

Built to last, Baker needles remain sharp and in pristine condition well beyond the average lifespan of tattoo needles, providing exceptional reliability with every use.

**Adopted by the Experts:**

Many renowned artists have chosen to use Baker needles exclusively because of their unmatched quality and reliability. You too can discover the choice of professionals.

Don't wait any longer, experience the needles used by the best tattoo artists today! If you prefer needle cartridges, also explore our Baker Cartridge Needles range, a premium collection featuring the same renowned needles.



 **Needle diameter:** 0.30 mm

**Packaging:** Individual sterilized E.O. blister pack.

**Quantity:** Box of 50 pieces

**Certification:** C.E. (European Conformity)

Also available in  .35 ou Hollow.35

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