• INK-EEZE Purple Glide 6oz

INK-EEZE Purple Glide 6oz

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Ink-eeze Purple Glide 6oz

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Purple Glide is a balm formulated without petroleum and based on essential oils. Its formula has been specially developed by tattoo artists and dermatologists for lubrication during tattooing and after-tattoo care. Available in individual sachets or jars for added convenience.

Purple Gide contains safflower, tamanu and lavender oil to soothe, hydrate and protect the skin. This cream with its irresistible scent can be used before tattooing as a moisturizer in preparation for the tattoo, as a lubricant during the tattoo session, and as a post-tattoo treatment to soothe, protect the skin, and help the healing of the tattoo. A small amount is enough for each application!

INK-EEZE Purple Glide contains:

Safflower oil

White beeswax

Tamanu oil

Royal Jelly Actiphyte

Propolis zea botanicals

Lavender Oil

D&C purple No. 2

The INK-EEZE artist pro-team includes Roman Abrego, Mr. Scary, Rick Walters, Opie Ortiz, Clark North, Abey Alvarez, Dominic Vasquez, Nickhole Arcade, Ruthless, Rob Hill, Shaun Kama, James J. Peterson and Halo just to name a few!

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