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Baker needles are undoubtedly among the best tattoo needles available on the market.

Combining the highest quality, impeccable welds and extremely strong steel, Baker tattoo needles do not lose their sharpness easily and will stay in perfect condition considerably longer than 90% of tattoo needles.

Many renowned artists work exclusively with Baker needles, for their unrivaled quality and reliability. Don't wait any longer and try the needles used by the best professionals in the trade now!

If you prefer to use needle cartridges, then be sure to take a look at the Baker Cartridges range, premium needle cartridges featuring the same famous Baker needles.

Magnum tattoo needles feature two rows of needles stacked on top of each other in a flat formation. Each needle is spaced intermittently for wider ink coverage on the skin. Because they cover so much skin, magnum needles are typically used for solid work like heavy color wrapping. They are also great for large-scale shading.

When you want to get serious about shading, grab your magnum. Plus, they're perfect for color wrapping in styles like color realism, traditional work, and tribal tattooing. Magnum tattoo needles are grouped in a row and are designed to deliver a ton of ink in a single pass.