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Baker Original Pen

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Baker's Original Tattoo Pen Machine

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**Baker Pen: The Perfect Alliance of Compactness, Lightness and Power**

Discover the Baker Pen, a revolution in the world of tattooing, a pen-format tattoo machine that perfectly combines compactness, lightness and exceptional power.

**Exceptional Features:**

**Compact Pen Design:**

The Baker Pen redefines mobility with its pen-sized design, offering unrivaled compactness for optimal maneuverability.

**Lightness and Power:**

Weighing just 132g, the Baker Pen ensures a light and agile tattooing experience while delivering impressive power.

**Designed Ergonomics:**

The optimal length sleeve is carefully designed for exceptional ergonomics, offering a low-cut profile that ensures a comfortable grip, even during extended sessions.

**3.5 race:**

With a stroke of 3.5, the Baker Pen ensures maximum precision, allowing you to create tattooed works of art with exceptional finesse.

**Versatile adjustment:**

The adjustable needle output from 0 to 4mm allows for total versatility, adapting to every style and artistic preference.

The Baker Pen is more than a tattoo machine, it's an extension of your creativity. Let yourself be guided by the compactness, lightness and power of the Baker Pen for uncompromising tattoo creations. Redefine your artistic boundaries with this feat of engineering.

Compatible with all Baker Cartridges

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