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Baker Disposable Tubes - Magnum

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Baker Disposable Tubes - Magnum box of 20 grip size 25mm

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Magnum tattoo tips are a larger style of flat tattoo tip that you can pair with larger groups of flat needles, magnum needles or stacked magnum needles to fill larger areas, blend and shade. They are the best option for these tattoo techniques because you get maximum ink flow with a flat or magnum needle and a magnum tattoo tip setup. There are two styles of magnum tips to choose from: open-mouth magnum tips, like the one shown at left, and closed-mouth magnum tips which have a box-shaped tip.

To learn more about the different types of tattoo needles you can use with round tips or flat tips, check out our Tattoo Needles or our Understanding Tattoo Needles . If you need advice on the best tattoo needle and tube/tip pairs, take a look at our tattoo tip and tattoo needle compatibility chart. It shows the inside diameter of each of our tubes/tips, the approximate diameter/width of different needle groups, and the best tube/needle-needle pairings by tattoo needle size, number of needles, and style of tube.

After gathering feedback from world-renowned artists, we created the BEST disposable tubes in the industry.

Transparent tint

The clear Baker tube makes it easy to view the ink in the tube reservoir.

Smooth contours

The smooth contours of Baker tubes ensure that needles do not snag during insertion.

Fine profile tip

The specialized plastic used in Baker tubes allows for a thin profile tip, while maintaining exceptional durability and heat resistance. The thin profile tip minimizes the distance between the needle and the skin for more precise illustrations.

Precise casting

Baker tubes are manufactured with the most precise injection molding technology. Without excess plastic, Baker tubes produce maximum ink flow and consistent needle support.Also available in Round and Cartridges

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