• Cartouches 8 Straight Round Liner

Cartridge Needles 8 Straight Round Liner

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Baker Cartridge Needles 8 Straight Round Liner Box of 20

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Specially designed with a unique hollow center, holds more ink and allows for optimal ink flow. Produces clean lines, with less trauma to the skin.

Type: Straight Round Liner LONG TAPER Cartridges

Needle Diameter: 0.35 mm

Packaged in individual E.O. sterilized blister packs

Box of 20 pieces.

Cartridges secured by a membrane

C.E. certified

We manufacture the best tattoo needle cartridges on the market.

No matter what type of tattoo cartridge you are looking for, we manufacture all the perfect configurations for tracing, shading, and color filling.

All of our Baker cartridges are of the highest quality and feature precisely welded needles and a secure membrane that prevents ink and blood from flowing back into the sleeve.

Cartridge tattoo needles offer additional benefits that you will not find in traditional bar needles. With cartridges, you’ll enjoy all of the following benefits:

Ease of Transition: It’s easy to swap out needle groups when working with cartridges, which effortlessly lock into place. Additionally, when using cartridge needles, you don’t need dedicated machines for each type of needle used during a tattoo session.

Safety Membranes: These membranes prevent blood and tattoo ink from flowing back into your tattoo grip. As a result, sterilizing your setup and preventing cross-contamination is much easier when a cartridge membrane is involved. All Baker cartridge needles now come equipped with safety membranes.

Stabilizers: All Baker cartridge needles feature unique stabilizing mechanisms that keep your needles on track. This prevents any wobbling or unsteady tattooing


The diameter of your tattoo needle is a measurement of the thickest point of the needle.

The diameter of a tattoo needle affects its ink flow. So, the narrower the needle diameter, the finer and more controlled the ink flow that comes out of it. Therefore, narrower tattoo needles have a finer ink flow and are generally better for line work. On the other hand, larger diameter tattoo needles have a freer ink flow, so you may prefer them for shading or coloring.

Aside from ink flow, the diameter of your tattoo needle also affects the size of the puncture made on your client's skin. Smaller diameter punctures are better for shading and creating smooth gradients, while larger punctures are generally better for bolder work. #12 needles, which have a diameter of 0.35mm, are often referred to as “standards.” This is because they are very popular across all needle groups and types. There are five diameters available in total.

0.25 (#08)

0.30mm (#10)

0.35mm (#12)


You’ve probably heard of bugpin needles. Some artists swear by them for their photorealistic work.

Bugpin needles are extremely narrow. Needles size #10 and smaller are all considered bugpin needles. Because of their ultra-narrow diameter, they allow you to execute lines and shading with precision and accuracy. Bugpin needles are also great for pixel and small dot tattooing.


The number of needles in a group refers to the number of needles. The higher your needle count, the larger your grouping will be. Therefore, the number of needles directly influences the space you cover in a tattoo session.


Tattoo needles come in all sorts of arrangements.

Your needle configuration or type refers to the arrangement of the needles on the needle bar. Different needle arrangements produce very different effects on your client's skin. Therefore, choosing your needle type is essential when working in a particular style.

Also available in TRADITIONNEL .35BUGPIN .25BUGPIN .30

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